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Find all your favorite best trivia games for iPhone. Here is a list of the best trivia games for iPhone available at App Store.

Best Trivia Games for iPhone

  1. Trivia Crack (No Ads) - Etermax
  2. Trivia Crack (No Ads) - Etermax
    App Store Link: Trivia Crack (No Ads) - Etermax
    Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game!
    Let our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, select which questions you’ll answer from six different categories. Be the first to get the six crowns to win, but watch out for the rematch!

    Reasons you should be playing Trivia Crack right this second:
    -Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions
    -You can create your own questions in the Factory
    -Over 20 game languages
    -Chat with your opponents
    -Collectable card collection

    Need more? No problem:
    -Prove how smart you are
    -Learn something new while having fun
    -Make your mother proud

    So what are you waiting for? Let’s go! Download the game!

    Warning: this game may cause an excess of fun. Please consult a professional if you notice your knowledge growing at an unusual rate.

    Visit for more information.

    Questions? Concerns? Find the solution to all your problems here:

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    Twitter: @triviacrack

  3. The 7 Second Challenge - Mind Candy Ltd
  4. The 7 Second Challenge - Mind Candy Ltd
    App Store Link: The 7 Second Challenge - Mind Candy Ltd
    Have you got what it takes to beat The 7 Second Challenge?

    OFFICIAL APP - As made famous on YouTube - compete against your friends to beat hilarious challenges in just 7 seconds, then share your victory or defeat with the world!

    100's OF CHALLENGES - Play through hundreds of ridiculous, brain-melting challenges hand picked by Dan & Phil!
    SHARE YOUR WINS AND FAILS - Share videos of your challenges with friends and The 7SC community!
    PARTY MODE - Face off against up to four friends to see who is the challenge master!

    Join The 7SC community:

    Good luck!
    - Dan, Phil and The 7 Second Challenge Team

    Created by @AmazingPhil & @Danisnotonfire in collaboration with Mind Candy Ltd

    We <3 feedback - email us at

    Please note - When sharing videos, please use your Wifi connection to avoid data charges from your network provider.

    If you are aged 16 and under, you must get your parent&#39;s or guardian&#39;s consent before you can play this game

  5. The Price is Right™ Decades - Ludia
  6. The Price is Right™ Decades - Ludia
    App Store Link: The Price is Right™ Decades - Ludia
    Come On Down! Take A Trip Back To Memory Lane!
    The Price Is Right Decades retains all of the treasured game play elements found in previous The Price Is Right apps, including classics such as ‘Plinko,’ ‘The Big Wheel’ and the popular ‘Showcases,’ but also features never-seen before pricing games!

    Additionally, a new twist awaits all players: you will have to guess the non-adjusted pricing of randomly selected items from different decades!

    The Price Is Right Decades features:
    • Favourite pricing games in 3D, plus the classic three (Contestant’s Row, Showcase Showdown and Showcase) reflecting the selected decades
    • Authentic stages, sounds, Big Wheel, and other game elements modeled after all four decades of the TV show
    • Stunning visual effects and tons of new prizes
    • Fully customizable player avatars: choose hairstyles, clothing, accessories and more

    The Price is Right Decades guarantees hours of fun for the whole family and will definitely strike a nostalgic chord with the fans of the show!

    Get it now!

    *Supports iOS 4.0 and up.

  7. Sporcle - Sporcle, Inc
  8. Sporcle - Sporcle, Inc
    App Store Link: Sporcle - Sporcle, Inc
    Sporcle is the App Store’s leading trivia application with new quizzes available on your device everyday! Turn your iPhone/iPod touch and now your iPad into an on-the-go treasure trove of trivia.

    Can you name the countries of Europe? Do you know all the US Presidents? Can you rattle off the names of all the Pixar movies?

    Sporcle brings the wildly popular and addictive trivia quiz website to your iPhone/iPod touch and iPad! No matter what your interest -- be it sports, movies, television, music, geography, and more – you can find hours of trivia entertainment. The app downloads new quizzes every day – just launch the app to test your skills against Sporcle’s latest brain-teasing challenges.

    Sporcle is the fun way to kill some time or procrastinate while exercising your brain. You just might even learn a thing or two!


    Word Ladder
    Puzzle Words


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  9. Either - One Mighty Roar
  10. Either - One Mighty Roar
    App Store Link: Either - One Mighty Roar
    Either is the largest online game of &#34;would you rather&#34; questions.

    The Either app helps you deal with life&#39;s hardest questions pulled from our website:

    There&#39;s always a free, ad-supported version as well! Find it here:

    You can now answer some of life&#39;s most challenging &#34;would you rather&#34; questions, such as:

    * Be a mermaid or a centaur?
    * Only date people with severe OCD or chain smokers?
    * Know what really happened at Area 51 or receive $1 Million?

    You&#39;re going to find out what type of person you really are. And the best part? You can do this anywhere because we&#39;re nice enough to provide you with a mobile app. You&#39;re welcome.

    **Set up an account for access to adult questions, ability to comment, submit questions, and keep track of answered (no repeats!).

  11. The Impossible Quiz 2 - inXile Entertainment
  12. The Impossible Quiz 2 - inXile Entertainment
    App Store Link: The Impossible Quiz 2 - inXile Entertainment
    **Over 60 million plays of The Impossible Quiz**

    Back by popular demand… it’s The Impossible Quiz! Oh no, that can’t be good… can it? The answer is no.

    The rules are simple. Try to complete the quiz by answering all of the “questions”. It may sound easy enough, but you’ll require quick reflexes, luck, mad skills and some good old insane logic. Oh, and it’ll help a bit if you’ve played the original Impossible Quiz!

    The majority of the questions are multiple choice, but there’s plenty of surprises along the way. The main thing to remember is to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!


    - Over one hundred questions, including random questions from Impossible Quiz 1! Do you remember them all?!

    - Unique touch screen solutions!

    - Facebook integration!

    - Yes, Chris is in this one too!

    ♡ Follow us and keep up with the latest news! ♡

    ✓Facebook !!
    ✓Twitter @ Sparkworkz

    If you enjoy the Impossible Quiz 2, give it a 5 star rating✶✶✶✶✶ !!!!!

    Be sure to check out the original Impossible Quiz for hundreds of more brain exploding questions!

  13. Game Cheats - Spore Epic Land Edition - Nguyen Tran
  14. Game Cheats - Spore Epic Land Edition - Nguyen Tran
    App Store Link: Game Cheats - Spore Epic Land Edition - Nguyen Tran
    Spore allows the player to develop a species from a microscopic organism to its evolution into a complex animal, its emergence as a social, intelligent being, to its mastery of the planet and then finally to its ascension into space, where it interacts with alien species across the galaxy. Throughout the game, the player&#39;s perspective and species change dramatically.

    • Walkthrough Videos
    • Read character bios
    • Guide on every level
    • Cheats and tricks in level
    • How to get through Challenge Modes
    • Manual Game Guide
    • Trailer Videos
    • And many more

    Enjoy the game with family and friends!

    Download This Game Cheats - Spore Epic Land Edition app!

  15. Tricky Test 2™ Pro: Genius Brain? - Orangenose Studios
  16. Tricky Test 2™ Pro: Genius Brain? - Orangenose Studios
    App Store Link: Tricky Test 2™ Pro: Genius Brain? - Orangenose Studios
    === Christmas Limited Offer: 50% Off! ===

    Get ready to take the addictive quiz and find out if you are a GENIUS or not, and enjoy the brand new Christmas theme with snowflakes, gifts and new soundtrack!

    Tricky Test 2 Pro: Genius Brain is a whole new free puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers and absurd solutions that you will never ever think of - the goal of this trivia game is not to be tricked; each of the brain teasers is unique and pushes your creative thinking to the limit. If you have 140 IQ points remaining after finishing this quiz, you will be pronounced a genius! Be careful, your Facebook friends may pop out anytime during the IQ quiz and tease at you!

    - &#34;101 Tricky & Mind-blowing Brain Teasers″ - new questions added regularly!
    - &#34;Find Out if You’re a Genius″ - An IQ test that includes memory, logic and most absurd teasers!
    - &#34;Test Your Friends Mode&#34; - select hardest questions to test your friends’ IQ!
    - &#34;Fun for All Ages&#34; - best trivia game for family & friends’ gatherings!
    - &#34;Tap, Shake or Kiss your Phone?″ - Nothing’s impossible, brain it on!

    Pro version includes:
    ● 1,000 Free Coins
    ● All Clues & Solutions Available
    ● No Ads

    &#34;The most obvious answer is usually wrong. Think outside the box!&#34;

  17. Tidbit Trivia - Disney Edition - Brain Rice Games, LLC
  18. Tidbit Trivia - Disney Edition - Brain Rice Games, LLC
    App Store Link: Tidbit Trivia - Disney Edition - Brain Rice Games, LLC
    Tidbit Trivia - Disney Edition will put your Disney knowledge to the test with more than 400 questions covering all of their full-length animated movies!

    As a bonus, many of the questions unlock trivia tidbits that provide an assortment of interesting behind-the-scenes facts about the making of the movies and the people involved.

    Here&#39;s what people are saying about Tidbit Trivia:

    &#34;I&#39;d gladly give up my voice if it meant I could play Tidbit Trivia with Prince Eric for the rest of my life!&#34; -- Ariel

    &#34;I love Disney Tidbit Trivia, and that&#39;s no lie!&#34; -- Pinocchio

    &#34;Tidbit Trivia showed me a Whole New World of fun!&#34; -- Jasmine

    &#34; &#34; -- Dumbo (he doesn&#39;t actually speak)


    ** More than 400 questions on all of Disney&#39;s animated movies, ranging from pretty easy to really hard!

    ** 33 unlockable trivia tidbits about the making of the movies!

    ** Compare scores with friends and unlock achievements through Game Center!

    NOTE: This is an unofficial Disney trivia game. It is not endorsed by or affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or Buena Vista Distribution Co.

  19. Phrase Party! - logan sease
  20. Phrase Party! - logan sease
    App Store Link: Phrase Party! - logan sease
    Phrase Party is a simple but exciting game where you describe fun phrases to your teammates, who are trying to guess them. Pass the game around until the buzzer sounds and the person holding it loses.
    You will laugh. You will yell. You will… Party!

    “A simple app that will get a great game going in minutes”
    “A Party in your Pocket.”
    “Just like Catch Phrase™, but Better” -User Rating
    &#34;A great way to get your friends together and have fun&#34;
    “Makes the party entertaining and full of life”

    Huge hand-picked phrase list, constantly updated and always growing from 13 amazingly fun categories. Choose one, mix and match, or play with &#39;Everything&#39;.

    From Movies and Pop Culture to Kids Only or Science… no matter what your interests or age, Phrase Party! has categories and phrases you will have a blast playing with.

    Play with amazing and hilarious expansion categories that fit your niche. You can buy them or earn them for free.

    Whether you are looking for Adult themed packs, holiday packs, decade flashback packs or even for a specific cult interest, there’s sure to be a category just for you.

    A clean, beautiful interface that you will feel right at home using.

    -= VIDEO RECAP =-
    Watch a video recap of your game after you play to let the memories live on. Share to Facebook and Twitter.

    -= PLAY SOLO =-
    Use the hints from random players online to help you guess your phrases. How long can you go?

    -= ONLINE PLAY =-
    Play with your friends online in a turn based, play at your leisure multiplayer mode.

    Aside from the well known classic mode, there is a Party and a Race game mode if you want to change it up.

    Add your own phrases and phrase packs. Share them with your friends.
    Adapt the game settings to your specific needs.

    -= NO REPEATS =-
    or spelling errors. I promise.

    This app has been constantly updated and improved since 2009 and I have no intent to stop. “Phrase Party 4 Lyfe!”

    Although The rules and game play in Phrase Party!&#39;s classic mode are very similar to that of Catch Phrase™ by Hasbro Inc., Catch Phrase™ is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc. This product is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Hasbro and should not be confused with their product, Catch Phrase™.