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The best dice games for iPhone available on the internet.

Best Dice Games for iPhone

Below is a list of the best dice games for iPhone at the moment. The list is updated automatically daily to provide our readers with the latest best dice games on the market at the moment. Enjoy!


  1. Dice With Buddies: Fun New Social Dice Game - Scopely
  2. Dice With Buddies: Fun New Social Dice Game - Scopely
    App Store Link: Dice With Buddies: Fun New Social Dice Game - Scopely
    *Dice With Buddies™ rated the #1 Dice game in the App Store!*

    Dice mania is a full-blown epidemic and the game just got BETTER! Find out for yourself why everyone's getting hooked on this addictive dice game.

    You can play with friends, family, or random opponents--whether they're sitting next to you or thousands of miles away! With our BRAND NEW Custom Dice, improved interface, Dice Master Showdown and PREMIUM tournaments, playing has never been easier or more exciting!

    ===Key Highlights===
    • Defeat a new Dice Master each day to win Bonus Rolls, score Custom Dice and test your skills!
    • Personalize your experience with CUSTOM DICE!
    • New FAST PLAY TOURNAMENTS available now!
    • Take on the Dice Master Showdown and Bonus Rolls, XP and more great prizes!
    • Exhilarating multiplayer dice game similar to Hasbro, Inc.’s YAHTZEE® dice game
    • Thrilling tournaments happening every day
    • Play the in-game scratchers to win bonus rolls
    • Challenge friends and family through Facebook or find a random opponent using our Matchmaking feature
    • Use in-game chat to talk with and heckle your opponents
    • Activate a bonus roll to get an extra boost right when you need it
    • Play from the same account on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

    ===User Reviews===
    "I used to be addicted to Words with Friends but this is a way better social game app." - Joe Young
    "Addicting and fun, my whole family enjoys this game!!" - Wynneeabbee
    "It’s so much fun. I love being able to play with friends I see every day and friends that live far from home!” - Kathy Anderson

    Please don't hesitate to contact us at with questions, concerns, suggestions!

    Occasionally we will send you emails when your buddies are waiting for you to play a turn or if we have special announcements for our fans!

  3. Farkle+ - DoraLogic
  4. Farkle+ - DoraLogic
    App Store Link: Farkle+ - DoraLogic
    Farkle is a dice game with the goal to get a high score in 10 rounds.

    Every round you roll six dices, then you have to select one or more dices. Only 1s, 5s and triples will be scored. When you use all six dices you can get bonus roll.

    Highest score will be kept and shown in the game menu, you can try to beat it later.

    Test you luck with Farkle!

  5. PFRPG rd - Lanza Giuseppe
  6. PFRPG rd - Lanza Giuseppe
    App Store Link: PFRPG rd - Lanza Giuseppe
    All pf rulebooks at the cost of a beer. NO IN APP PURCHASE FOR NEW RULEBOOKS!!!!
    Always updated!!

    PFRPG rd is the ultimate reference document for d20 3.75 system RPG. The application will give you ALL rulebooks released under OGL and will do it without inApp purchase. (Third party matherial COULD BE NOT OGL, so we can't provide it).

    When a new content will be released as OGC the app will be updated to include this content, after a reasonable time for developing the support to it; I assure you that there will never be a inAPP purchase system.
    PFRPG is always up to date, and gives you the best searching system ever proposed for an application of this type. Fast, easy to use the searching system is a realtime search. The result will be instantaneous.
    You can also save your own bookmarks, organize them in folders, and it is iPhone and iPad native.

    Save your time for searching on real rulebooks. Save your money from buying real rulebooks. This application will give you all you need.

    APP Contents:
    - Player handbook
    - Advanced Player Guide
    - Advanced Class Guide
    - Advanced Race Guide
    - Game Mastery Guide
    - Ultimate Magic
    - Ultimate Combat
    - Ultimate Equipment
    - Ultimate Campaign
    - Bestiary (Reprint)
    - Bestiary 2
    - Bestiary 3
    - Bestiary 4
    - Pathfinder Unchained
    - Occult Adventures
    - Monster Codex
    - Technology Guide
    - NPC Codex
    - Mythic Adventures
    - Indices

    Follow me on twitter: GringoireDM

  7. Spellbook for Pathfinder - TnT Game Studios LLC
  8. Spellbook for Pathfinder - TnT Game Studios LLC
    App Store Link: Spellbook for Pathfinder - TnT Game Studios LLC
    Spellbook for Pathfinder is a quick way to find spells, learn spells, memorize spells, and track daily spell usage. The app is updated to include all the new classes and spells also with other useful features for tracking spell use and memorized spells.

    * Multiple spellbook support to track all your character profiles.
    * Add spells to your spellbook with the touch of a button.
    * Memorize daily spells feature to easily choose spells everyday.
    * Track daily spell usage to easily visualize number of spells cast by level.
    * Control what sources to use for spell lists.
    * Search realtime for spells.
    * Quick filters for all class spells, class spells by level, and spells by school.
    * Mysteries support for Oracles!

    It includes all spells from the following books/sources:
    * PFRPG Core
    * APG
    * Advanced Class Guide
    * Advanced Race Guide
    * Inner Sea Gods
    * Inner Sea Magic
    * Inner Sea Races
    * Inner Sea World Guide
    * Monster Codex
    * Mythic Adventures
    * Occult Adventures
    * Technology Guide
    * Ultimate Combat
    * Ultimate Intrigue
    * Ultimate Magic
    * AP 102
    * AP 29
    * AP 30
    * AP 35
    * AP 42
    * AP 50
    * AP 55
    * AP 56
    * AP 62
    * AP 64
    * AP 65
    * AP 67
    * AP 68
    * AP 69
    * AP 71
    * AP 74
    * AP 77
    * AP 78
    * AP 80
    * AP 81
    * AP 82
    * AP 84
    * AP 86
    * AP 89
    * AP 91
    * AP 93
    * AP 95
    * AP 99
    * AP 108
    * AP 109
    * Advanced Class Origins
    * Agents Of Evil
    * Andoran
    * Animal Archive
    * Arcane Anthology
    * Black Markets
    * Blood Of Shadows
    * Blood Of The Elements
    * Blood Of The Moon
    * Blood Of The Night
    * Book Of The Dammed V1
    * Book Of The Damned V2
    * Champions Of Balance
    * Champions Of Corruption
    * Champions Of Purity
    * Cheliax Empire Of Devils
    * Chronicle Of The Righteous
    * Classic Treasures
    * Cohorts & Companions
    * Condition Cards
    * Demon Hunter's Handbook
    * Demons Revisited
    * Dirty Tactics Toolbox
    * Dragon Empires Primer
    * Dragonslayer's Handbook
    * Dungeoneers Handbook
    * Dungeons Of Golarion
    * Dwarves Of Golarion
    * Faction Guide
    * Faiths & Philosophies
    * Faiths Of Corruption
    * Faiths Of Purity
    * Familiar Folio
    * Gallows Of Madness
    * Giant Hunters Handbook
    * Gnomes
    * Goblins Of Golarion
    * Haunted Heroes Handbook
    * Heroes Of The Streets
    * Heroes Of The Wild
    * Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
    * Humans Of Golarion
    * Inner Sea Monster Codex
    * Knights Of The Inner Sea
    * Kobolds Of Golarion
    * Legacy Of Dragons
    * Lost Kingdoms
    * Magical Marketplace
    * Melee Tactics Toolbox
    * Monster Summoner's Handbook
    * Mythic Origins
    * Occult Mysteries
    * Occult Origins
    * Occult Realms
    * Orcs Of Golarion
    * Osirion, Legacy Of Pharaohs
    * PFS S3-09
    * Paizo Blog
    * Pathfinder Society Field Guide
    * Pathfinder Society Primer
    * People Of The North
    * People Of The River
    * People Of The Sands
    * People Of The Stars
    * PFS Pregen Characters
    * Pirates Of The Inner Sea
    * Quests And Campaigns
    * Ranged Tactics Toolbox
    * Rival Guide
    * RotRL-AE-Appendix
    * Sargava
    * The Dragon's Demand
    * The HarrowHandbook
    * Undead Slayer's Handbook

  9. Word Shaker HD - AFKSoft
  10. Word Shaker HD - AFKSoft
    App Store Link: Word Shaker HD - AFKSoft
    Word Shaker HD, the word searching game with a twist. Play solo or invite your friends online and play against each other on iPad, iPhone or iPod. Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards and earn achievements!

    - GameCenter enabled
    - Single player games
    - Multi Player games, Challenge other people
    - Daily Tourney, compete with everyone on the same boards
    - Play against people on iPad, iPhone and iPod
    - Many achievements to be earned!
    - Daily, Weekly and All Time leaderboards
    - Board sizes from 4x4 to 8x8
    - 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 30 minute timed games
    - Relaxing untimed games
    - Shake to scramble your letters
    - Fast unlimited board generator, no waiting
    - Easy & smooth word circling (tap or slide)
    - Full report of found and missed words after a game
    - Option to speak words
    - Statistics
    - Dictionary lookup (iPad)

    Suggestions and other feedback welcome!

  11. Star Mania - BIN ZHAI
  12. Star Mania - BIN ZHAI
    App Store Link: Star Mania - BIN ZHAI
    It is a fun and challenging bubble-sliding game. Easy to learn, but hard to master.

    The object of the game is to clear the board by removing groups of bubbles of the same color.

    The more bubbles you clear in a single move, the higher your score and the further you can progress in the game..

  13. Texas 42 - MaroonEntertainment
  14. Texas 42 - MaroonEntertainment
    App Store Link: Texas 42 - MaroonEntertainment
    Welcome to the Official State Domino game of Texas! Texas 42 is a trick taking game similar to bridge or spades. Invented in the late 1880s, it has become a tradition across generations of players.

    The sole motivator for the development of this app has been to create an AI that doesn't make the users wish they spent their 2 dollars on a soda instead of frustrating computer play. Much work has been made into creating an AI that makes the same moves you would. Since you don't have the same play style as everyone else, you can set each computer player to have one of 3 specified play styles "Conservative", "Normal", or "Aggressive". You can mix and match these styles as you see fit and can change them at any time in the game.

    A conservative player will tend to bid lower than the rest of the players. Its main focus when it has the lead is to draw all the trumps in play before moving on to non-trumps. If the conservative player does not have the highest trump, it will tend to lead with a junk/punt tile to draw out the higher ones, while holding on to tiles with count until it knows it can win with them.

    A normal player will tend to bid higher than a conservative player. Its main focus is holding on to its trumps for cases where count is on the table. If it does not have the highest trump it will tend to attempt to punt to its teammate.

    An aggressive player is a mixture of the two. It tends to push the bid to 31 or 34-36 with weaker hands than the other two and is more willing to bid marks if it has a strong hand. It is also willing to lay down trumps with 5 counts in an effort to draw out the ones covering the 10 count. Its more willing to play count at risk of hoping its partner will win the trick.

    For bidding purposes, your partner will respond to your bid. If you bid 30, you are indicating to your partner that you have a helping hand and it will be much more likely to outbid an opponent win the bid.

    Here's what some beta testers have had to say about the app:

    "The AI has been impressive for me so far, not a single play that I've seen has been stupid yet and I've probably played around 10 games. Very solid game for my experience"

    "I really like your idea of the different styles of play and I think you are pretty close to that reality."

    "To date it is the best one out there. I have never felt like I was playing true 42 on the other apps."

  15. Star Wars™ Dice - Fantasy Flight Games
  16. Star Wars™ Dice - Fantasy Flight Games
    App Store Link: Star Wars™ Dice - Fantasy Flight Games
    Launch your Star Wars (TM) gaming experiences into hyperdrive!

    The Star Wars Dice app is the ultimate accessory for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars games, supporting Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Armada, the X-Wing (TM) Miniatures Game, and all iterations of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. This comprehensive application allows you to quickly and conveniently select and roll custom dice for FFG’s Star Wars games, and even includes an assortment of standard dice for all your gaming needs!

    The Star Wars Dice app includes:
    A comprehensive dice roller that can be used to roll custom dice for an FFG Star Wars game, or standard polyhedral dice in seven types for any game.
    Features eight iconic Star Wars backgrounds and six distinct sound packs.
    Jump right in with an intuitive radial menu and interactive help guide.

  17. Flower Board - A fun & addictive line puzzle game (brain relaxing games) - Tue Nguyen Minh
  18. Flower Board - A fun & addictive line puzzle game (brain relaxing games) - Tue Nguyen Minh
    App Store Link: Flower Board - A fun & addictive line puzzle game (brain relaxing games) - Tue Nguyen Minh
    • Flower Board have crossed 1 million downloads mark. Thank you for your support!

    ======== User reviews ========

    • "My husband and I can't get enough of it." - iCatriona
    • "This game is way too fun. I keep draining my battery playing it" - Ash mil
    • "The game starts out easy, but gets very, very challenging." - Li3303
    • "Had this game few years now and still love it! Simple, addictive and just fun to play" - Nicnok76
    • "Once you figure out how to play it's very hard to put it down.. " - Believe in Yourself
    • "You can play for 5 minutes or an hour. It's the perfect pick up and put down game." - Leggyj74


    • App Advice review: A challenging game that will definitely make you think twice about how easy it is to move a simple marker - 5/5

    • From user Li3303:


    Normally I find this type of "line" game too frustrating, but this game has some awesome features:

    1- being able to see what pieces will come up next- and where (I call them buds)
    2- an undo button that you can use 50 times per game
    3- a wild card flower
    4- a flower that when matched with five flowers of the same color will clear the board of that color
    5- being able to drastically reduce the number of flowers on the board three times
    6- the hexagon board grid

    The game starts out easy, but gets very, very challenging. Games can take a long time (around 1-3 hrs), but it's easy to put down and just pick up where you left off. Personally, I get more satisfaction from doing well on a longer more involved game than something that takes a few minutes. It's almost perfect the way it is, but I would love to have a counter to keep track of how many undos I've used during the game. Highly recommended for puzzle fans!


    • Description:
    Flower Board is a highly addictive game. Group six or more balls together to dismiss them and to increase your score. New balls are added after each move and you will need to keep the board from filling up. There are also special balls to help you clear the board. The goal is to score as high as possible. The game is simple to learn, yet hard to master. You will have hours of fun playing it!

    * Game Center support with 6 leaderboards.
    * Optimized for retina display.
    * On board preview of next balls.
    * Powerful rainbow and lighting balls.
    * Undo button to avoid mistake.
    * Multiple themes to choose from.

  19. Nice Dice - 3D dice roller - Lost Minds
  20. Nice Dice - 3D dice roller - Lost Minds
    App Store Link: Nice Dice - 3D dice roller - Lost Minds
    A dice rolling app, perfect for tabletop games, classroom/school use or if you just like to roll some dice now and then.

    Featuring state of the art dice simulating features like:
    - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20-sided number dice.
    - Coins and Fudge +/- dice.
    - D100 dice rolls using two special 10-sided dice.
    - Decently realistic physics simulation with collisions, shake detection and device gravity option.
    - Create presets of dice combinations to roll quickly.
    - Drag to move and group dice.
    - Tap to remove or lock dice when re-rolling.
    - Roll dice of two different colors/materials together, getting a separate total for each.
    - Shake to quickly re-roll the current dice.
    - Dice collision sounds.

    And it's pretty nice looking with:
    - Detailed nicely rounded dice models with high-resolution textures.
    - Per-pixel dynamic lighting with bump mapping, reflections and soft shadows.
    - Clean modern interface.
    - Many different dice materials to choose from (Like red, white, pink, orange, steel, obsidian, gold, or even glowing radio-active or magical dice)
    - A bunch of backgrounds to choose from (Like different color felt, wood, metal, leather, slate or cloth)

    Since this received a lot of negative user reviews there is no longer a free version of the app to download and try with an in-app purchase to unlock the full functionality. Instead the app now costs money, but everything is included with no extras to purchase.

    NOTE: This is just a dice roller simulator, a substitute for actual dice. It is not a game or specialized tool for specific complex dice rolling calculations or scenarios. It's just dice, you roll them and you get numbers. However, as you can lock and combine dice you can easily use it to play simple dice games like yatzee or such.

    For more iOS apps and Mac applications, go to